My Holiday Run List

It’s that time of year again! Cue the holiday gift guides and emails with “the best holiday gifts” flooding over your inbox. I’m not going to lie, I’m a vulnerable consumer and tend to open quite a few of this emails. I find a lot of inspiration for gifts for people there, and also for myself. So I wanted to put together one of my own to help anyone out there looking for a little bit of help finding the perfect gift for the runner in their life. I know personally that it can be tough to buy hobby-related gifts for people, so here’s a few of my favorite running accessories!

1) Pro Compression Socks.


It’s no secret that I’ve been increasing my running lately. However, with that came along some aches and pains. I received these Pro Compression Socks at the perfect time. I’ve been wearing them religiously and they’re working wonders on my legs. I wore them during my Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and my legs felt better than ever after the race – which is a nice change from the way they typically feel! I’ve also worn them under jeans to work a few times which is super helpful – and no one can tell!


2) Headbands.

I have the most ridiculous collection of headbands. You will rarely find me at the gym, on a run or even in the yoga studio without a headband of some sort on my head. I can’t stand working out with hair in my face so headbands are the perfect solution! Plus, they’re cute. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Lululemon bang busters since they stay put and I don’t have to mess with them, but have to say that my favorite headband is my Maryland flag headband. My uncle works in high school/college athletics and has contributed quite a bit to my collection!

3) Lululemon Power Y Tank Tops.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.21.16 PM


After living in Florida for a few years, I became accustomed to working out in tank tops year round. Even though I’m back up north now, I still only wear tank tops to the gym and honestly don’t see that changing. These tanks are so comfortable and don’t move around while running, which is crucial. Comfort is key when it comes to running clothes, and I definitely don’t want to be pulling my tank top down the entire time I’m running. The price is a little bit higher than most, but mine have held up exceptionally well and it’s definitely worth it if you run often!

4) Reebok Z Quick Running Shoes

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.35.26 PM

Every runner knows the importance of good shoes. I’ve had my fair share of issues when it comes to running shoes and know that every person is different when it comes to shoes that work and shoes that don’t. Lately I’ve been running in these Reebok Z Quick shoes and absolutely love them. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of Reebok running shoes because I tend to stick to my trusted Brooks, but these are great. They’re light, but provide enough support for me and my super flat feet. Plus, they’re really cute.

5) Earbuds. I can’t run without music. End of story. And to me, there really isn’t anything more annoying than running and dealing with flapping wires from my earbuds. It was tough for me to find a good pair that is water-proof (hello, sweat and spontaneous downpours!) and fit well. And, it’s important to be able to control the wire situation. These earbuds actually stay in your ears and if you order them on Amazon, you can score them for just $11!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.31.57 PM


And a little early Christmas present from me to you – receive 40% off your Pro Compression order when you use the code PINK2 at checkout!

What’s on your holiday list this year?

Back in Action

Good morning!

I fully intended to blog yesterday all about my weekend, but I had some technical issues over here and by the time they were all figured out, I figured it could just wait until today!

Nick’s friend Andrew and his girlfriend Lindsey visited us over the weekend and it was a blast! While Nick and Andrew went golfing on Saturday, Lindsey and I laid by the pool for a couple hours and then went inside to watch the Terps game. Sadly, we lost. Once the guys got back from golfing, we headed out for a little double date at Sushi Katana before heading downtown for the night. I, of course, ordered my two favorite sushi rolls-the sweet potato roll and the lava roll, both with brown rice. SO good!

image (11)We spent the rest of the night bar-hopping downtown, but my drink of choice was good old H2O because I had a long run planned for Sunday morning!

image (15)

                                Nick & Andrew

We drove to Jacksonville, where Andrew lives, to spend the day on the beach. From the moment we decided to go to the beach Sunday, I knew I wanted to run on the beach. It’s one of my absolute favorite things in life, and can you blame me? Check out this gorgeous view I had for 5 miles:

image (13)



I forgot to apply sunscreen before my run and now I have some pretty sweet racerback tan lines/sunburn. Hot, no?

Jacksonville Beach is one of the few that allows dogs, so we brought along our favorite furry family member who had an absolute blast digging in the sand and playing with Lindsey’s dog, Max.

image (14)See that big hole in the top left corner? Courtesy of Bentley. He dug the biggest holes all over the beach, and at one point he started digging behind a chair Nick was sitting in and the chair fell back into the hole while Nick was still sitting in it. How sweet.

I have so much more I want to blog about but time is short today-I’ve got to get started on some work here and figure out my whole blog transition. I’ll try to pop back in later but I have a training client to meet up with after work so I may be spending my break today working on stuff for her! We’ll see. Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

Do you like running on the beach? The scenery is gorgeous but man is it TOUGH on your legs!



The Week in Numbers

5-The number of bananas I have eaten in the last 2 days. All I’ve been wanting is bananas & peanut butter. It’s getting out of control, no?

photo (4)

14-The number of miles I ran this week. I’ve got a 5 miler planned for Sunday too!

3-The number of men that sat on a bench and blew me kisses during my run around Lake Eola yesterday. That’s a new one!

6-The number of days until one of my best friends arrives in Orlando!


4-The number of baths I’ve had to take this week to soak my sore legs.

16-The number of days until Lent is over! Nick told me that once Lent was over, he was going to take me to get “a fro yo salad”. Not quite sure what that is, but since fro yo and salad are two of my favorite foods, I’ll roll with it.

photo (4)

3-The number of games the Terps have to win to make it to the NCAA tournament. I’ll be watching college basketball all.weekend.long.

1-The number of days until my blog makeover is complete! I’ve been working with the amazing Rita and I can’t wait to show off the final product. It looks GOOD.

8-The number of hours left in the workweek until a MUCH-needed weekend! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been exhausted all week long. Happy Friday!

Sweaty Beast

So have I ever mentioned how I sweat enough for about 15 people?

Well, in case I haven’t, now you know.

Yesterday I went for a run after work and it was gorgeous. It was pretty cloudy all day yesterday until about 3:30. I had been contemplating just going home and running on the treadmill but once the sun came out it was pretty much decided for me.

I headed a couple blocks down from my office to Lake Eola, a large lake located in the heart of downtown Orlando. I ran 3 miles at a 8:00 pace (more on that later) and it was beautiful.

photo (3)


image (7)

However, I seriously underestimated the weather because it was about 80 degrees by the time I hit the road. By the time I ran back to my office and got to my car, I was drenched in sweat. Exhibit A:

image (8)No, I don’t always make weird faces, but I was sending this picture to one of my friends because she is coming to visit soon and I was trying to show her hot HOT it is down here. For some reason, my face, legs, and arms all turn bright red anytime I run hard. It’s not flushed, it’s an all-out I-look-like-I-just-got-out-of-a-hot-tub-for-four-hours redness. Weird!

Once I got home, Nick and I took Bentley for a walk and headed out to run some errands. Nick’s been talking about going to the Thai restaurant near our apartment for a while so we decided to grab dinner there first. It was my first time eating Thai food and it was pretty good! Since I was still extremely hot from my run, I ordered the lightest thing I could find on the menu-spring rolls.

image (9)


Bonus points for the crushed peanuts.

So a couple of days ago, I was on the phone with Nick’s mom and we got to talking about running. She has ran marathons for years and I love talking to her about running because she has so many helpful tips and just so much experience! She also happens to be running Zooma with me in June. 🙂 I was telling her how I am worried about burning out because I start so fast and don’t think I can keep up a fast pace for the entire race. I told her my goal was to finish under 2 hours, so I figure if I can hold a 8:30 pace I should be fine. She told me that I should actually aim to start off a little slower because lactic acid builds up quickly if you start off fast and hold that pace, making you prone to cramping-something I’m DEFINITELY trying to avoid. Therefore, I’m making a legit effort to pace myself and even though 8:00 miles yesterday seemed to drag on a little bit, it’s worth it to me!

Today is a cross train/strength day, so I’ll be hitting the gym after work. I meant to get up early this morning but Daylight Savings is really taking me out of my element this year. It’s never been like this before!

Are you a sweaty beast like me after a workout, or are you one of the lucky few who barely break a sweat during a tough workout?


Sun, Shopping, & Smoothies

To me, a good weekend starts with some quality time in the sun…

image (4)With all the essentials. Kombucha, sunscreen, & a great book.

imageFollowed by a fun date night with my favorite guy…

photo (1)To see two of my favorites in an AWESOME movie…


With some healthy movie snacks.

photoAll wrapped up with some quality bikini shopping…

image (2)Smoothie-sipping…

image (1)and smiles from the cutest little man.

photo (2)It’s safe to say it’s officially “spring” time in Central Florida-meaning the high temps are back!

Happy Monday! I hope it’s a marvelous one. 😉